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Dan's Portrait

Dan Kondratyuk

I love a fresh challenge—be it a math problem, a physics puzzle, or machine learning quandary.

I do machine learning research, write software, and study as a graduate student. I primarily do work in natural language processing and deep learning, but I also like to tinker around with making games in Unity3D. Problem solving is my bread and butter; it gets me up in the morning every day, energized and ready to tackle any challenge hurled my way.

Boise, Idaho in the United States is my hometown. In May 2017, I graduated from Boise State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. A few months later, I started my Master’s degree in Computational Linguistics as an Erasmus Mundus student. I study at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic for my first year, and then at Saarland University in Saarbrücken, Germany for my second year. It’s been a fantastic experience absorbing the culture and nuances of language in these European cities. Click here to read a detailed post series on my experiences.

I like to keep myself occupied with lots of interesting projects. Chief among them is Hello Augi, an ongoing project for a personal assistant that remembers when you forget. Starting in fall 2016, I paired up with a CS professor at Boise State to work on a contextually-aware dialog system with a web UI to help a user retrieve events and people mentioned in the past. This project led to additional research, where I created Graph NLU, a demonstration of graph databases for natural language understanding.

Other projects include Nodulus, an open source puzzle game for mobile, One Pixel Attack Keras, a Keras implementation that demonstrates that convolutional networks can be fooled by changing one pixel in an image, and LemmaTag, a neural network model that jointly part-of-speech tags and lemmatizes sentences, achieving state-of-the-art accuracy in morphologically rich languages (i.e., Czech, German, and Arabic).

Send me a message on Twitter (@hyperparticle) and I’ll be happy to respond when I have the time.

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