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Integrating Disqus Comments into Jekyll

Disqus Logo

It turns out integrating Disqus is quite easy, no matter the website. I was pleasantly surprised to see a Jekyll option in the Disqus admin page (though, the steps were pretty much identical to their universal code option).

I registered my website, plopped in Disqus’s code to post.html, and it magically worked.

For future configurablility with Jekyll, I found this blog post useful. By moving the Disqus code to disqus.html and surrounding it with % if page.comments % % endif %, I could simply % include disqus.html % wherever I need it. To display the number of comments at the top of each post with a link to the bottom where the comments are, I use page.url and page.id to set the appropriate variables for Disqus.

And it’s as simple as that.